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Shared Licenses

Gamebay supports Steam Cyber Cafe program. There is schedule development goal for shared licenses pool for all gaming centers that use Gamebay, providing cost effective solution.

Issue Tracking

Issue tracking system is made for effective communication between your team members and/or our support team.

Game data

Gamebay saves all user's data including their game progress. That allows users to access their data at any gaming center you own.

In-depth stats

We provide you with great tools to monitor every aspect of your store. See income graphs and history, user diagrams, game statistics etc.

Browse logs

You are able to browse all logs. See history of purchases, user's activity to prevent complications, track employees, their work and much more.


It takes no effort to migrate to our software! If you are currently using other solutions and considering ours - we can migrate all your data for free!

We care
for your security

Your data is safe with us. With superior quality data encryption, we guarantee secure end-to-end communication and storing. From user's personal information to game save data backups - everything is safe!