Browser based. Numerous features.
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Powerful backend

Gamebay backend features powerful system configuration and in-depth details. It's web based so you can access it everywhere.

Remote Control

With Gamebay, you are able to remotely control consoles you have in your gaming centres. We provide custom firmware that can be installed on Raspberry PI to control TVs.


If you are organising events, Gamebay allows you to display them to your users. Add general information about an event and add a photo - that's it! We provide API for LAN Events, as well.


You are able to inform your users with latest news! Everything you need to do is type in the text and add a photo. API makes custom integration possible.


Integrated tools allow you to add, edit, track, block and delete users. You will be able to browse user's history of purchases, play time, their logs and more!


Employees have custom view that won't let them see company details such as annual income etc. You can easily add and remove premissions.


Machines will automatically be added to your Gamebay web interface. From there, you will be able to group them, change settings or even control them.


It really is EVERYTHING that is under your control. From custom Coin Bundles, Levels, machine groups, permissions, tracking, game display to events, news and more!