Gamebay Client

Appealing. Fluid. Straightforward.
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Visually Pleasing

Designed by professionals. Developed by professionals.
Modern design packed up with useful features.
Optimized and fluid, without distractions.

Functional design.
Customizable UI

Top bar displays information such as Coin Balance, Experience and Level. The design focuses on game library situated below ad/news section. At the bottom of the screen, users can find app/tool bar with applications and system tools for configuring sound, mouse and keyboard.


Pre-made information cards let you simply type in desired game, select it and browse for a path on the computers. If the game you are trying to add isn't in our library, you can add it manually.


We deliver pre-made information cards for applications, as well. Again, simply search select and browse path.

Integrated marketing tools

Simply make and display your offers, sponsorship messages, advertisements and other forms of marketing to your users - right in the GAMEBAY!

How to? Easy!

Installation requires no computer skills! One-click setup will install Gamebay client on your computers and automatically update so you will always have the latest features!